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NREPP Glossary

The following definitions have been drawn from numerous sources and are tailored specifically for content on the NREPP Web site. The terms defined here may have slightly different meanings in other settings.

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One of the three categories (Universal, Selective, Indicated) developed by the Institute of Medicine to classify preventive interventions. Selective prevention strategies focus on specific groups viewed as being at higher risk for mental health disorders or substance abuse because of highly correlated factors (e.g., children of parents with substance abuse problems).
Substance abuse prevention
Attempts to stop substance abuse before it starts, either by increasing protective factors or by minimizing risk factors.
Substance abuse treatment
Assistance to individuals for existing substance abuse disorders.
The long-term survival and continued effectiveness of an intervention.
The combined symptoms or signs of a disorder or disease.
Systematic review
A literature review that attempts to collect, summarize, and present results of individual studies, and then synthesizes findings on a specific topic.